Concept Foundation at RHSC 16th Membership Meeting in Oslo, Norway

Oct 2, 2015 | Concept Foundation

Concept Foundation will be present at the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) 16th Membership Meeting in Oslo, Norway next week, from 5-9 October. We will be convening the Generic Manufacturers for Reproductive Health Caucus (GEM/RH) meeting. The GEM/RH Caucus works towards positioning standard-approved generic contraceptives and reproductive health medicines as affordable products that are demonstrably quality-assured and available at a global level, and elevating and promoting generic manufacturers as critical players in providing more women with affordable, quality-assured products, particularly in high-need developing countries.

Concept will also be participating in the Market Development Approaches Working Group, the Maternal Health Supplies Caucus, and the General Membership Meeting.

This is a key event for stakeholders to get together and discuss issues that impact availability and access to reproductive health for women and girls worldwide. For more information, see the RHSC’s meeting page.