Medicines for Pregnancy Specific Conditions: Research, Development and Market Analysis

May 4, 2021 | Global news, Maternal Health, Publications, SRH Research

As part of the ACCELERATING INNOVATION FOR MOTHERS (AIM) project, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we published the report “Medicines for Pregnancy Specific Conditions: Research, Development and Market Analysis”. It provides the current state of the field of maternal health medicines development including the most recent progress and key market drivers and failures that limit the introduction of effective maternal medicines at scale. 

It contains a Stakeholder Analysis and Research Prioritization based on literature research and 45 conducted interviews that included 56 individuals from 15 different countries. The interviews included individuals from academics, pharmaceutical industry, industry associations, donors, implementers, entrepreneurs, and PDPs. The interviews focused on priority conditions, types of research, LMIC market challenges and potential solutions.

In addition, Key Market Drivers & Challenges are described, which includes R&D dynamics for maternal health medicines and Market failures in LMIC. Challenges in implementing end-to-end thinking for the development and introduction of medicines which do not fit with the company’s R&D business models are discussed.