Vision, Mission and Goals

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Although products for reproductive health, including a range of family planning methods, products for maternal health and drugs for medical abortion, are widely available in high-income countries, they are often scarce in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Where they are available, they often are of inadequate quality and/or poor affordability.

We envision a world where women and men in every country, and particularly the poor, have equitable access to essential affordable healthcare products, and can be assured of their quality.


Our mission is to ensure that women and men worldwide have equitable access to sexual and reproductive health products of assured quality at the lowest possible cost.


Concept Foundation delivers its mission through its three Programmes:

Family Planning – ensuring access to hormonal contraception in LMICs
Maternal Health – ensuring access to selected essential medicines for maternal health in LMICs
Safe Medical Abortion – ensuring access to safe medical abortion products in LMICs

Whereby “access” relates to availability of products of assured quality at the lowest possible cost. We focus on the identification and introduction of quality-assured pharmaceuticals that otherwise will not be available in an affordable manner to the public sector in LMICs, as well as assisting others in their endeavours.

Our door is open to other activities in development of new quality products, extension of existing quality products for new indications and their access to markets.