Concept Foundation is an international not for profit organization, working on improving access to sexual and reproductive health medicines and technologies in low- and middle-income countries worldwide.


Founded in 1989, we operate under a collaboration agreement with the World Health Organization to promote the availability of sexual and reproductive health products at affordable prices, and their safe and effective use in low-resource settings.



We envision a world where all people have access to quality-assured sexual and reproductive health medicines and technologies

Market Assessment for Medical Abortion Drugs in Argentina

In 2020 and 2021 Concept Foundation worked closely with Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES) in Argentina, to conduct a market assessment to identify possible barriers and challenges to accessing quality assured and affordable medical abortion supplies and...


Main activities and impact. While most of 2020 was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to generate new projects and grants towards the end of the year. Our maternal health portfolio expanded significantly in 2020 while we continued with our contraception...

Concept Foundation contributes to new regulatory guidance released by WHO for ensuring quality of Oxytocin in LMICs

WHO publishes for the first time a set of dedicated regulatory guidelines for national medicines authorities in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) to evaluate and set quality standards for oxytocin, an essential maternal health drug used for the prevention and...

Effectiveness of uterine tamponade devices for refractory postpartum haemorrhage after vaginal birth: a systematic review

Haemorrhage continues to be the most significant direct cause of maternal death, accounting for 661 000 deaths worldwide between 2003 and 2009. Most of these deaths occur during the immediate postpartum period and are due to uterine atony, a condition characterised by...

Regulatory standards and processes for OTC contraception and medical abortion in five countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

In our recent publication, Concept Foundation reports on the regulatory standards and processes for over the counter (OTC) availability of hormonal contraception and drugs for medical abortion in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia. The main conclusions...

Medicines for Pregnancy Specific Conditions: Research, Development and Market Analysis

As part of the ACCELERATING INNOVATION FOR MOTHERS (AIM) project, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we published the report “Medicines for Pregnancy Specific Conditions: Research, Development and Market Analysis”. It provides the current...

Our strategic approach to getting results

To achieve our vision and further our mission, Concept Foundation is working towards three strategic programmatic objetives identified as critical areas of focus for bringing about change and maximizing impact, Manufacturing & Development, Research & Innovation, and Country Support. Together, these three programme pillars encompass the full product lifecycle approach designed to bring about sustainable impact and maximize value for money.


Manufacturing & Development

Country Support